Guitars Over Guns

Guitars Over Guns

Guitars Over Guns is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that offers students from disadvantaged backgrounds a powerful combination of music education and social mentorship. Weekly, after school sessions help reshape the trajectory of student’s lives in the Miami Dade area.

Community is a large part of the Exclaim culture. Guitar Over Guns and Exclaim’s foundational values align on multiple levels, making this a rewarding partnership. 


Let’s Exclaim

Exclaim gives a little time to make a big​ impact! Currently, we are creating cross promotion partnerships between People Matter Fest, PK4PM and Guitars Over Gun in an organic way. Additionally, Exclaim leverages its music industry relationship to create custom lesson plans that equip the students with professional and life skills.  We are invested in the student’s development as artists, their progress as students and their growth as members of their communities.




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